Gazebos can be both practical and very beautiful because of the wide variety of materials available to build with. Because of the basic design of a gazebo, you can do a lot more than you would normally be able to get away with in a bigger structure.

What Materials do you use for the Walls?

The materials used in the construction of a gazebo depend, to a large extent on what look you are going for. Traditionally gazebos are wooden structures and you will find that wood creates an attractive finish and is probably the easiest material to construct the walls out of. That said, perhaps you prefer delicate ironwork and, in this case, you can choose a cast iron railing. Keep in mind that this will be more expensive though. Consult an expert in Pergolas Sydney for more information.

What Materials do you use for the Roof?

The roof is where you really get to play with different materials. You can choose from a wide range of materials. A traditional looking roof can be created from colorbond – a viable and long-lasting alternative to corrugated iron, colorbond is a hardened steel material that comes in a wide range of colours. The major advantage of a colorbond roof over other roofing types is that you do not need to create a ceiling inside the gazebo.

You could also look to a more traditional finish with tiles/ shingles. For this effect to look great inside, you are going to need to ensure that tiles are laid with care or you will have to put a ceiling into the gazebo. Just keep in mind that you should use proper roofing tiles and, if need be, these must be properly sealed to protect the tiles from damage by the sun and rain.

Another option when it comes to creating a ceiling for your gazebo is to use thatch. This can create a great rustic look. However, you need to be very careful with thatch – it must be properly treated and investigated regularly to ensure that there are no insects, birds or mice nesting in it. The thatch will need to be replaced every few years. There is a high risk of fire with thatch. That said, it can be used as is and you need not put a ceiling in as well. As far as insulation goes, thatch is pretty good. Consult your Pergolas Brisbane expert for more information on thatch.

Before making your final decision, be sure to weigh your options very carefully. Each material has its own pros and cons but there will be something to suit everyone.