Outdoor gazebo – Beautiful Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

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Traditionally, Gazebos are partially enclosed outdoor structures which may have a full roof and an enclosed porch-like design. Outdoor gazebo has exposed beams that are open to the elements. Without gazebo lighting, you might not take full advantage of the outdoor gazebo during the evening hours. Choosing Outdoor Lighting for your outdoor Gazebo is a matter of personal preference. The Australian Summerhouse Company assures that no matter what your personal preferences are, you will always find a style to fit your needs and to highlight the garden structure. Moreover, the available options will guarantee high quality, superior performance and enhanced aesthetics within your budget. Let us discuss some of the important things that you should be aware of, while dealing with Lighting for your beautiful Outdoor Gazebo. […]

Pergolas Sydney – Beautiful Ideas for a Pergola Roof

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Traditionally, a pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of four vertical poles supporting an open lattice of wooden beams. Before building Pergolas Sydney, you should take into account weather conditions and whether the pergola will be a permanent or temporary structure. Pergolas Sydney will have an open trellis roof but a closed, solid, more permanent structure will provide shelter on rainy days as well as shade in the summer months. […]

Gazebos Sydney – Difference between Gazebos and Pergolas

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Gazebos and Pergolas are often misunderstood to be similar structures, but in actual there are few distinctions, with most differences involving the intended use of the structure. The difference between pergolas and gazebos is that pergolas are often attached structures with open-lattice roofs while gazebos are freestanding buildings with closed roofs and floors. Both are available in a range of sizes [...]

Pergolas – Different Styles and Myriad Uses

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In the wide realm of outdoor structures, the Pergola has always secured its place as the wonderful architectural element which can add beauty to any garden or landscape design. Pergolas are created using sections of upright wooden posts that support cross-beams and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Putting up Pergolas Sydney, in the midst of beautiful lawns is both exciting and interesting. The Australian Summerhouse Company is committed to provide beautiful Pergolas which meets the highest standards of quality and determined to exceed customer’s expectations. […]

Attractive Pergolas – The Secret Revealed

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The pergola is a structure that dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Pergolas were originally invented during the Italian renaissance as a minimalist architectural feature that could adorn various public places, but this has changed over time. It provides shade, protection from the elements and is an attractive addition to any style of home. [...]

Majestic Pavilions for Admiring the Outdoors

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Very often, people take a lot of delight and effort in constructing gardens. They devote a lot of time and energy in planning and pruning every aspect of the garden. The flowers, the shrubs, herbs, the soil, manure etc. consume a lot of money. However, when the garden starts blossoming, it makes all the toil [...]

Modern Marvels in Your Backyard

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Gazebos, decks & pergolas used to be structures built in the garden or backyard for rest and recreation. These structures were referred to by a host of names including follies, summerhouses, belvederes and teahouses. While their prime utility was to be attractive and provide shelter from the heat - especially during outdoor activities held during [...]

Pergolas and Gazebos Brisbane – Bring the Indoors Outside

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There are several advantages to living in Australia but the most important of these has to be the wonderful weather we experience. Yes, the temperatures can climb quite high at times but who can complain when we have such wonderful sunny, mild weather for most of the year. It’s no surprise than that we love [...]