I tried everything in my power to make this work and I even told him I love him

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I tried everything in my power to make this work and I even told him I love him We ended having sex that night Hey, I am going through a tuff situation with my partner. We were together for 8 months. When we broke up I was needy and despreate but then I stop contacting him. Now, we are talking again. At the moment he sends me mix messages. He wouldn’t text me first but when I do he replies right away; however, I didn’t text him yesterday understanding why he is mad and I am willing to give him time and space to make things work but he haven’t text me back. I believe he’s still hurt and confuse. I want to follow the no contact rule again but this time not reply back. If he contacts me and I ignore it, when should be the best time to call or text him again? Keep in mind it was a very bad break up, I wouldn’t want him to feel like I don’t care or if I’m doing something. I wouldn’t want him to give me the same treatment if I decide to contact him the next day. It was one day whereby I went crazy, I told her that I wanted to try having sex with other girls Hi Kevin I met my girlfriend online and we started off as friends with benefits. Initially, she was sort of using me to forget about this guy and I was using her to forget about this girl. We somehow managed to fall in love. We have been officially together for only 2 months, but we were technically together for at least 6-8 months. We are both 21.. Halfway throughout the relationship, I started to have anger outbursts and did not treat her as well as I would have during the start. […]