What you need to know before buying a Gazebo

Here are some of the things you should know about gazebos, but other manufacturers may not want to tell you. As in any industry there are people who would prefer you not to know too much before you part with your money. We prefer a longer term view. No surprises is better for you and for us.

Gazebo Cost

The cost of each project is depended on design, size, materials and your location. Inferior timbers will make the quote cheaper. They also mean that in five years, joints are opening, rot is starting and splits are appearing.

Ask the company you choose to build your gazebo, to tell you about the grades of material they use. For example, people think treated pine is treated pine. Like all timbers treated pine is graded according to its quality and strength. It is also classified according to its level of treatment. An F followed by a number (say F7) signifies strength -the higher the number the greater the strength. Similarly the level of treatment is expressed by an “h” followed by a number (h3). The higher the number the greater level of protection.

When choosing timber it is important to understand the relationship between grades and how they impact on your installation. There are various grades and the higher the grade, the more it costs. We use a top quality grade which gives you the confidence that the structure will last.

Another hidden cost can be the location. Accessibility and installing a slab or wooden structure for the gazebo to be installed on can vary considerably from property to property. As we provide a complete service from concept to completion factors such as installation conditions, base requirements, seating, statutory fees, painting or primed, design etc will ultimately determine the final price. We give you a total price with no hidden extras.


Wherever possible our structures are built in timber from renewable sources such as treated pine. The term “treated pine” refers to pine which has been impregnated with solutions to provide protection against termites and harmful bacteria. The materials used are chosen for their appearance, durability and strength.
Paint Protection

Does treated pine require painting? There is a mistaken belief that timber treated with preservatives requires no on-going maintenance. This is simply not true! All naked timber requires protection against the weather. Treated timber is no exception. To prevent sun aging and surface cracking your timber will require protection and should be painted with a good quality paint or stain. Our finish is usually primed ready for painting. If you require the structure to be painted, we can arrange this for you.

Statutory Approval

Even though recent changes to local Government regulations have simplified the approval process for minor works, your summerhouse may still require building approval. Most councils have now introduced “complying or exempt” strategies which will allow minor development to be constructed without building consent. However these parameters vary from council to council and you will need to obtain a checklist to determine whether your particular project qualifies for exemption. Once again we can give you advice on this.

“I want model A, but the same roof as model B.”

With some manufacturers, what looks like a simple modification to a gazebo can turn out to be either ridiculously expensive, or compromise the structural integrity of the gazebo.

The reason is that the designs are not integrated. They were never intended to have interchangeable components.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of standard designs to suit most situations. The method of construction used to manufacture these standard designs makes it easy to mix and match specific components to tailor their appearance to your particular preference. If however your requirements can not be met by choosing from our standard range we will manufacture to your specific design and needs.

Constructing a base for your Summerhouse.

A solid level base will be required on which to erect your summerhouse. Forming a perfectly shaped octagonal concrete or paved platform can provide difficulties for some people. One simple method would be to construct the formwork as a square, then cut the corners to create a perfect octagon. We can provide a plan to illustrate this process once we know your desired width and overhang or margin. Click Here to ontact our sales office for this advice.

More Information

For more information, download our Guide to Building a Gazebo

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