Malta Granny flat

Malta is our 2 bedroom granny flat or studio designed for people looking for a cabin with an extra room for guests. Also, the second bedroom may be used for a hobbies like arts and crafts or an office. Malta is perfect for a holiday property, granny flat or a rental room. Precut flat packed kits come conveniently on pallets and a cabin may be assembled in 3 days saving your money and time in building process. Natural timber and double glazing will provide comfort and a piece of mind for Health and Sustainably-minded people.

area = 40m²

area = 40m²

Size 7.5m x 6.6m

Size 8.1m x 6.6m

Height 2.3m - 3.6m

Height 2.1m – 2.4m
Malta Log Cabin Floorplan


  • External & internal walls, kiln-dried laminated 60mm Nordic Spruce
  • 7 rafters thickness 60mm, h = 140mm
  • 3 internal timber doors
  • 19mm T&G roof boards
  • Fascia boards
  • 2 laminated timber posts 115x115mm with adjustable legs
  • Door and window boxes for external door and windows installation
  • Timber architraves for all windows and doors
  • Timber cladding for all corners
  • 14 steel rods, 10mm Ø
  • 11 pre-drilled holes for electricity, 12mm Ø
  • System for lining or cladding for the back wall: sliding battens 50x100mm
  • All hardware
  • Drawings for assembly with all boards being marked