Established in 1988, The Australian Summerhouse Company is a boutique manufacturer of backyard cabins, granny flats, gazebos, rotundas, pavilions and other outdoor entertainment structures. Established in 1988 by Geoff Hermon, the company has enjoyed steady growth employing skilled tradesmen to craft their gazebos. To ensure that the tradition of high standards are maintained Geoff’s son James has been appointed General Manager and hopes to take the business established by his father to another level over the next few years.

What is a Gazebo, Awning, Deck, Pergola, Arbour?

There are various ways you can enhance the way you enjoy your property through the use of outdoor structures. Do you want it with a roof? Or perhaps you’re aiming for more of a feature rather than a distinct purpose, like a pergola? Here are the official definitions for the various types of structures we build.

  • Gazebo: A roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area, typically used for relaxation,
    entertainment or a feature.

  • Awning: A roof covered structure, that serves as a shelter, over a storefront, window, door or deck.

  • Deck: An open, unroofed porch or platform extending from a house or other building.

  • Pergola: An unroofed framework, either freestanding or attached to a building. Often covered with a trained
    climbing plant.

  • Arbor: An unroofed, freestanding framework used in gardens as an accent or walkway, covered in a climbing
    plant or vine

Builder of Granny Flats and Backyard Cabins

We are proud distributors and builders of YZY granny flats, backyard cabins and studios made from non-toxic “arsenic free” treated spruce timber. Prefabricated Scandinavian log cabins are well known and popular in Europe, USA, Canada and even New Zealand.  People use them for a granny flat, a guest room, as a she shed, art/painting studio, home office, teenage studio or In-laws retreat, holiday accommodation, man-cave or for any other recreational space. To visit our display cabins or book a free site inspection, please call us on +61 2 9651 4840

Manufacturer of Gazebos

The little shed in which the company started has expanded into a factory to accommodate our growing needs. An ongoing investment in modern machinery and equipment has enabled the company to continually improve our manufacturing processes and keep our prices competitive.

Quality Gazebos

The cornerstone of The Australian Summerhouse Company has always been founded on providing quality products and old fashioned service. Read what some of our customers have to say about our service and quality.

Many manufacturers have come and gone since we opened in 1988. Unfortunately many of the Gazebos they manufactured have also gone. Gazebos we erected in 1988 are still standing, and in good condition. Materials whereever possible are sourced from Australian suppliers whose commitment to quality mirrors that of the company. If quality if important, you should read this.

Range of Gazebos

We have a range of standard models but we can customise the designs to suit your individual requirements. If you are looking for something that is not our standard range, talk to us. We are sure to be able to help.

Gazebo Display Centre

We have a Gazebo Display Centre at Dural which is about 10 minutes from Castle Hill or 40 minutes from Sydney’s CBD. We can talk about your needs and show you our most popular models. We can also come to you, to discuss how a gazebo can be tailored to your location.

For details on our hours and gazebo display centre location click here.

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