Rotundas – Beautiful Gazebos with domed Roof

By | October 31st, 2013|Categories: Gazebos, Rotundas|

Large gazebos which are circular and have beautifully carved domed roofs are popularly known as rotundas. Basically the design has an European origin and is inspired in many of world’s most famous architectural designs. Rotundas enhance the beauty of any garden and also provides a comfortable setting for any occasion or party where your guests can just sit back and relax. Normally available in sizes from 3 to 5 metres, the Rotundas can also be custom built as per the specifications from the customer. […]

Rotundas – Beautiful Domed Architectural Marvels

By | September 19th, 2013|Categories: Rotundas|

Rotundas have cylindrical walls and most commonly a domed roof. The domed structure of Rotundas makes it the focal point thereby enhancing the overall beauty of its milieu. Basically, a Rotunda is an architectural structure shaped like a cylinder both inside and outside, especially one which has a domed roof. The design has an European [...]