Rotundas have cylindrical walls and most commonly a domed roof. The domed structure of Rotundas makes it the focal point thereby enhancing the overall beauty of its milieu. Basically, a Rotunda is an architectural structure shaped like a cylinder both inside and outside, especially one which has a domed roof. The design has an European origin and therefore finds its influence in many architectural marvels. The Pantheon in Rome has colonnades around the exterior. The Australian Summerhouse Company is dedicated to innovative design and can effortlessly re-create timeless era in garden architecture.
Rotundas are beautiful domed structures which grace some of the finest parks and private gardens. Moreover, the durable construction ensures that they last for a lifetime. In modern parlance, Rotundas are structures which are crafted as a place of refuge in the outdoor, for rest or recreation. The Australian Summerhouse Company guarantees excellence in craftsmanship and is widely reputed for its reliability and friendly service. Rotundas always had a special purpose in religious architecture and the Romans used it for mausolea and at times for temples. Rotundas are easy to build, provides great floor area and provides the greatest structural strength.
Rotundas at The Australian Summerhouse Company are designed to complement their surroundings, while also providing a highly reliable, durable and affordable shelter. Rotundas are ideal for landscaped areas, parks and schools, outdoor spas, Resorts, Retirement villages and for residential use. The Australian Summerhouse Company offers a wide range of delicately designed and crafted building products and Rotundas. We guarantee innovative design in precision component system along with prefabricated frames tailored to suit specific requirements. Dormers are punched into the ceiling of Rotundas to facilitate the entry of light and for ventilation. The Rotunda is not just a beautiful building; it combines the best of contemporary and medieval design along with exquisite craftsmanship.