In the wide realm of outdoor structures, the Pergola has always secured its place as the wonderful architectural element which can add beauty to any garden or landscape design. Pergolas are created using sections of upright wooden posts that support cross-beams and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Putting up Pergolas Sydney, in the midst of beautiful lawns is both exciting and interesting. The Australian Summerhouse Company is committed to provide beautiful Pergolas which meets the highest standards of quality and determined to exceed customer’s expectations.

The various types of Pergolas


1. Walkways: Pergolas are quite often used to create eye catching walkways and you can stain the pergola on any colour that you like.
2. Free Standing: Like walkways, free standing pergolas are independent of other structures. Vining plants can be used to create shade and add greenery to the site.

3. Perfect Patio: The Pergolas Sydney can be used as the perfect extension of the house. Crossbeams or lattice work are added to create the roof of the overhead for the pergola.

4. Dreamy decked area: The natural timber of the decking compliments the timber on the Pergolas and you can stain both options to co-ordinate with each other.
5. Car Port: The design of the Pergolas Sydney can be improvised to be used as a sturdy type of car port. Pergolas are better looking than garages and easily become a practical yet attention grabbing feature.
The Australian Summerhouse Company helps in creating some of the most eye-catching and attractive Pergolas in Sydney at the most affordable price without compromising on quality and durability. Contact us today to know more about Pergolas Sydney.