If you’re looking to increase your enjoyment of the outdoor space surrounding your home, why not consider adding a pergola to your deck or patio. The basic pergola design consists of multiple pillars covered with a layer of lattice-like cross beams: in short, an outdoor room without walls. It may also be used as an arbour, supporting the growth habits of vines such as grapes or certain species of rose.

Because pergola designs and pergola plans vary in materials, lengths or sizes, the possibilities of how a pergola can be used are endless. You always have the option to either take help from the Professionals or try building the Pergola all by yourself with the use of Pergola Kits. Of course, this depends on your budget and skills. Let us discuss the steps to be followed:


  • Choose a Location first and then view it from all angles to ensure that the Pergola should be either the centrepiece or the catalyst which can enhance the beauty of the milieu.  Small Pergolas work well with swimming pools, whereas the bigger Pergolas are meant for big gardens or backyards.


  • When choosing the location, do not forget to include your preferences for the size, amount of shade, and the purpose your Pergola is supposed to serve.


  • You need to decide upon the material to be used for the Pergola i.e. either wood, aluminium or vinyl. Fresh Pergolas can also incorporate wrought iron frames with glass or clear laminate roofs.


  • Carefully follow the instructions mentioned with the DIY Pergola Kits. Choose the Pergola Kit as per your skill, budget and requirement.


  •  Enhance pergolas with ivy, creeping plants, hanging planters, even a porch swing. Create ambiance with outdoor string lights and candles. There is no dearth to the number and type of accessories which can be used to magnify the beauty of the Pergola.


You need to have a proper plan which will help you in selecting the right materials and design. Pergola kits include all the materials you’ll need to assemble your pergola in a short time. The posts and latticework are usually already pre-cut to the lengths you need and notched for quick assembly.