Traditionally, Gazebos are partially enclosed outdoor structures which may have a full roof and an enclosed porch-like design. Outdoor gazebo has exposed beams that are open to the elements. Without gazebo lighting, you might not take full advantage of the outdoor gazebo during the evening hours. Choosing Outdoor Lighting for your outdoor Gazebo is a matter of personal preference. The Australian Summerhouse Company assures that no matter what your personal preferences are, you will always find a style to fit your needs and to highlight the garden structure. Moreover, the available options will guarantee high quality, superior performance and enhanced aesthetics within your budget.
Let us discuss some of the important things that you should be aware of, while dealing with Lighting for your beautiful Outdoor Gazebo.

Perimeter Lighting: It’s always a good idea to provide plenty of lighting along pathways leading to the gazebo as well as the entryway. Hanging lanterns or holiday lighting are two easy-to-find types of lighting which provide illumination both inside and outside the structure.

  • Interior Lighting: A chandelier suspended from the inside ceiling of the gazebo provides adequate lighting for you and your guests. Different sizes and style are available to choose from.
  • Solar Lighting: One of the most economical lighting options for your Outdoor Gazebo lies in installing solar lights instead of running electricity to it. It’s possible to find solar lights that you set in the ground to illuminate flowerbeds and shrubs surrounding the gazebo. Solar spotlights can highlight the entryway to the gazebo as well as walkways around it. Absolutely eco-friendly and economical, the solar gazebo lights are available in various sizes and styles.
  • Wiring: Most of the full-roof outdoor Gazebo use hardwired electrical exterior light fixtures. Some types of outdoor lighting require a transformer, which you need to place in a location where nothing disturbs it.

Choosing the correct lighting options for your Outdoor Gazebo can be tricky, but the Australian Summerhouse Company assists you with immaculate ideas and impeccable service.