Gazebos and Pergolas are often misunderstood to be similar structures, but in actual there are few distinctions, with most differences involving the intended use of the structure. The difference between pergolas and gazebos is that pergolas are often attached structures with open-lattice roofs while gazebos are freestanding buildings with closed roofs and floors. Both are available in a range of sizes and serve various purposes, but Gazebos Sydney are mainly for shelter and shade, whereas Pergolas generally lend support to vines.

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Pergolas and gazebos are both usually made out of wood, though various metals and vinyl material can sometimes be used for either. Pergolas, however, can often be constructed using wrought iron, a material not traditionally used for gazebos. Gazebos Sydney are mostly used for covering a seating area, or patio. Pergolas are usually less elaborately built and may be used to shade a small swing or garden walk. Pergolas are often constructed to provide support, as a trellis, for climbing plants, whereas Gazebos Sydney may sometimes have vines growing on them, but this is not their traditional use.

Gazebos Sydney are traditionally constructed as hexagonal structures with raised wooden floors and a slanted roof. On the other hand, a Pergola is usually square, with two walls and a ceiling. Undoubtedly, Gazebos and pergolas are two of the most popular and luxurious additions you can add to your yard.