Gazebos are a great way to spruce up the outdoors. Not only they enhance aesthetic value and market value of your home, but also give you an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy fresh air and outside view. You can opt for a professional, custom made gazebo for your home, or a DIY garden gazebo, but there are a few things that you can do to add a little more life and aesthetic value to your rotundas or gazebos. By dressing up and decorating your gazebo you can add a personal touch and make them look even more inviting. Here are some ideas to help you decorate your outdoor gazebo:
Lights: You can add a lot of visual appeal to your gazebo using hanging lamps, solar powered lights, or outdoor Christmas lights. Lights work well with all kinds of gazebos including wedding gazebos, outdoor gazebos, and other summer houses.
Plants: The simplest way to add life and colour to your gazebo is to use hanging plants on the archways. Annual vines grow quickly, and can easily cover the gazebo frame and open spaces rendering privacy, freshness, and beauty to the gazebo.
Add a deck: By adding a deck to your gazebo, you can create a bigger space, and make it look a lot sophisticated. The deck makes the whole gazebo experience exciting and fashionable.
Fabric: Using outdoor-safe fabrics on your gazebo can make it look stylish, and at the same time save the interiors from the elements. Even wedding gazebos can be decorated using fabrics of myriad kinds and colours.
Lattice: Most gazebos have at least 3 sides open. To cover the openings and to add a touch of sophistication and style, lattice can be used. It will make your gazebo not only look great, but also a lot more comfortable to sit in.
Birds: You can use some accessories on your rotundas or summer houses to attract birds. Bird feeders, bird houses, and bird baths can add a subtle decoration to your gazebo, and offer you opportunities for bird watching.
Wind Chimes: The soothing music of the wind chimes can ease your senses, and make your time in gazebo even more relaxing. You can hang wind chimes at the entrance or in the direction of the wind.
Water fountain: A small landscape on the entrance of the gazebos comprising of a water fountain and some plants can add a lot of charm to your gazebo. You can even install wall mounted fountains inside the gazebo.
So, if you already have a gazebo in house, you can use these ideas to spruce it up. But if you do not yet have a garden gazebo or an outdoor gazebo it’s high time you go for one. Whether you are looking for wedding gazebos, summer houses, or rotundas, the Australian Summer House Company has an answer to all your needs. Check out our most comprehensive collection of gazebos, and you will sure be tempted

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