The best thing about a Pergola is that it creates beautiful shade structures without blocking too much sky. With decks pergolas, it becomes easy to enhance the beauty of an outdoor landscape. There are several beautiful ideas which can assist you in building a Pergola over a deck. With decorative lighting, the decks pergolas looks more like a living room than a backyard space. At, The Australian Summerhouse Company we ensure that our efforts are put into achieving the top notch quality solution for every project we undertake. Without a doubt, outdoor living plays a critical role in any Australian house. Professional service, high quality workmanship and complete value for money is what we stand for.
Pergolas are an effective way to enhance your outdoor living space, bringing edification and panache into an otherwise open area. The Australian Summerhouse Company recommends the following simple steps to build a pergola over a deck:

  •  The deck posts provide support to the pergola and a cross beam running across the pergola from one post to another will provide additional strength to the pergola.
  •  Attaching the ledger board and joist hangers can help the shade members to rest on the cross beam
  •  The shade members are hung into the joist hangers while resting on the cross beam.
  •  Decks Pergolas have the cross members which interlock with the shade members to create a lattice like structure.

Decks Pergolas are often one of the most easiest and efficient ways to meliorate an outdoor area of your home. The Australian Summerhouse Company is committed to provide complete and flexible service, tailored to suit every requirement of the customer. For more than 25 years, our vast experience in design and construction has created masterpieces across Australia.