Gazebos are known to have existed as far back as 5,000 years ago. Rich Egyptians built their gazebos to provide a decorative addition to their gardens. Chinese and Roman architecture also included gazebo designs. Nowadays, romantic movies often depict outdoor weddings in gazebos.

If you are thinking of building a gazebo in your garden, there are several issues that require consideration. Whether you attempt to build your own gazebo or hire a professional organisation, the first step is to decide where to place the structure. Back gardens are a popular choice. Also, any other area with an attractive landscape can be used. Pergolas and gazebos are similar but their structures vary. Pergolas Melbourne will offer some ideas to help you decide on which design will best suit your needs.

Once you have made up your mind on the position, you next step is to choose a base for your gazebo. Some gazebos that have not been constructed on a firm base might present problems after a while. The site must be level with firm ground. It is advisable to hire a professional company that will give advice in respect of the requirements. Octagonal gazebos, which are very popular, would obviously require an octagonal base. However, other shapes, such as circular and square gazebos are also trendy.

An existing concrete ground can be used as a base as long as there are no cracks where underground water leakage might interfere with the structure at a later stage. The base can be made with bricks and paving or any other strong material that won’t crumble after being exposed to bad weather. Also bear in mind when building your gazebo that, if possible, steps should lead up to the structure in order to prevent pools of rain water from appearing every time it rains. This is especially beneficial if you decide on a timber base. Even if you select a concrete base, it is easier to sweep away the water from a raised base, after a heavy downpour. If you aren’t sure, search gazebos Melbourne for further information.

A base is not entirely essential but it would be a wise decision to lay a base for practical reasons. Consider what you want to place inside the gazebo. If you entertain a lot, you will possibly place tables and chairs inside. If there is no base, you might find that the garden furniture legs wobble if the ground is uneven. You would also have to remove everything in order to clean up the muddy grass after heavy rain. Whatever you decide, a well-constructed gazebo in the garden will provide countless pleasure for your family.