The pergola is a structure that dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Pergolas were originally invented during the Italian renaissance as a minimalist architectural feature that could adorn various public places, but this has changed over time. It provides shade, protection from the elements and is an attractive addition to any style of home. A pergola is a lovely piece of landscape architecture and it is extremely popular because of the varying styles available.

Pergolas Sydney creates an outdoor room, albeit one without walls or a roof! A pergola is much more versatile than just a plain patio, and it is a lot cheaper to build. But how should you plan your Pergola? Let us talk about the most common things one needs to know before being able to create mesmerizing Pergolas.

  • Acquire mandatory permits

First and foremost, you need to consult your council to check for permissions with respect to the location of the Pergola.

  • DIY or Experts

Keeping an eye on the budget and your skills, you need to decide whether you can manage with DIY Pergola Kits or do you need professional help. The Australian Summerhouse Company have enormous experience when it comes to Pergolas and with their amazing team, they are capable of finishing the project in no time. They are also committed to provide the best design, style and longevity of the Pergola.

  • Location

As with any structure, the location decides how the Pergola needs to be designed. So, choose your location carefully, such that the Pergola can enhance the beauty of the entire surrounding.

  •  Choose your Materials

Timber is traditionally used in pergolas, though other materials are becoming popular. Galvanised steel and brick are just two alternatives to timber.

  • Size of the Pergola

You should also know the size your are looking for, because that has a direct impact on your budget. Depending on the use, you can decide upon the size of the Pergola.

Pergolas Sydney offers a lot of choice in terms of style, design and look. With a little planning, you’ll be on your way to having a shady, stylish structure complementing your home.