Many people might not be familiar with the term ‘gazebo’. However, throughout the ages it has been, and still is, known under several guises—summerhouse, pavilion, belvedere, folly, pergola and garden house, to name a few.

This structure, which is usually made of wood, might conjure up visions of Chinese or Persian scenes but gazebos are now popular throughout the world. Whenever there is an outdoor wedding scene in a movie, you can almost guarantee that the ceremony takes place in a gazebo.

Our Australian summer climate is ideal for eating out of doors, so what better place is there to have a casual weekend meal or relax with a good book, than in a gazebo? Gazebos can be purchased in many shapes and sizes—you can even build your own or have one custom made. Shapes include oval, square and octagonal designs. If you want a really professional finish though, a search for gazebos Sydney will produce plenty of ideas.

Several roof styles are available for gazebos or pergolas as they are also known, although, strictly speaking, a pergola is not exactly the same as a gazebo. A pergola is a structure that forms a shaded walk, but when extended from another structure, it is sometimes called a gazebo. Whether we say gazebos or pergolas, they always deserve attractive, but functional roofs. A search for interesting pergolas Melbourne can produce the perfect answer to which is the most appropriate roof for your structure.

A thatched roof, such as alang alang, always looks very attractive. However, we must consider the harsh Australian summer climate, which may not be too kind to thatched roofs. If there are many fires in your area, perhaps a thatched roof wouldn’t be the best option. Tiles are another option to consider. They can look very appealing but one has to remember that they would also need to be covered from the inside of the roof otherwise the back of the tiles would not have an attractive finish.

An eye-catching and contemporary covering can be obtained with a colorbond roof. There are several attractive colours on the market. With a colorbond roof a gutter is necessary in order to hide the roof’s edges. Colorbond is a very hard-wearing steel product and will last for many years. A colour that matches or harmonises with your house roof is generally the best option. A gazebos Sydney search will give you a good idea regarding the best colour choice. If extra ventilation is required, a double roof is the answer. At the same time, your gazebo will be given an interesting artistic look.

Whatever type of gazebo you select, you can be sure that it will give your family and visitors many years of joy and add value to your property.