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Wedding Gazebo – Decorations

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Wedding gazebos are romantic and beautiful. Gazebos are beautiful to begin with, and can be breathtaking when decorated with wedding-themed ribbons and flowers. A decorated wedding gazebo not only provides the perfect place to get married but also makes a lovely backdrop in pictures. Wedding Gazebos provide a homely, friendly, relaxing, spectacular, different, unforgettable and a fairyland setting which surely makes the special day really memorable. […]

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Pergolas – Different Styles and Myriad Uses

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In the wide realm of outdoor structures, the Pergola has always secured its place as the wonderful architectural element which can add beauty to any garden or landscape design. Pergolas are created using sections of upright wooden posts that support cross-beams and they can be used for a variety of purposes. Putting up Pergolas Sydney, in the midst of beautiful lawns is both exciting and interesting. The Australian Summerhouse Company is committed to provide beautiful Pergolas which meets the highest standards of quality and determined to exceed customer’s expectations. […]

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Rotundas – Beautiful European Gazebos

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If you are looking for something really unique which can enhance the beauty of your garden and provide shelter, then beautiful Rotundas can be the best choice. Rotundas are structures that feature a circular floor plan and a dome-like roof.  The Rotunda gazebos draw inspiration from the European architecture. Popular in medieval Central Europe, noted rotundas are known for the intricate detailing on ceilings with paintings and design patterns. […]

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Outdoor Gazebo – What are the different types?

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An Outdoor Gazebo is an isolated outdoor timber structure intended to offer panoramic views of the surrounding garden landscape. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden, but also provides a quiet place where one can just relax and spend some quality time with friends and family. The Australian Summerhouse Company specializes in supply [...]

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