Large gazebos which are circular and have beautifully carved domed roofs are popularly known as rotundas. Basically the design has an European origin and is inspired in many of world’s most famous architectural designs. Rotundas enhance the beauty of any garden and also provides a comfortable setting for any occasion or party where your guests can just sit back and relax. Normally available in sizes from 3 to 5 metres, the Rotundas can also be custom built as per the specifications from the customer.
Classic Rotundas are usually sized around 3.8 m and includes a beautiful domed roof with matching colonial corner brackets. Pressure treated timber or strong treated pine is used for bracing which provides a solid construction without compromising on style and quality. There are myriad options available for the construction of rotundas. The cypress deck offers an economical solution when compared with installation of rotundas on paving or a concrete slab. Moreover use of any lightweight material for the construction of rotundas ensure that it can be easily relocated without the need for major alterations.
The Australian Summerhouse Company offers a range of exquisitely designed and crafted building products and component systems. Our finest rotundas grace some of the most beautiful landscape gardens in Australia. We are fully confident and determined to achieve excellence in craftsmanship and detail. Our reputation for a reliable and friendly service is unrivalled. The durable construction of rotundas guarantee their long life and in some cases they last more than 100 years of time. We never compromise on the quality of material used also use state of the art technology to produce high quality rotundas, thereby ensuring easy installation and least maintenance. The end result is always attractive and enduring rotundas used in various weather condition for social gatherings or simply for relaxation.