If you are looking for something really unique which can enhance the beauty of your garden and provide shelter, then beautiful Rotundas can be the best choice. Rotundas are structures that feature a circular floor plan and a dome-like roof.  The Rotunda gazebos draw inspiration from the European architecture. Popular in medieval Central Europe, noted rotundas are known for the intricate detailing on ceilings with paintings and design patterns.

The Australian Summerhouse Company is devoted to an innovative design and the re-creation of a timeless era in garden architecture. Our beautiful rotunda and gazebo structures grace some of the finest parks and private gardens in Australia. The Australian Summerhouse Company specializes in the manufacturing of summerhouses, Pergolas, Gazebos, Rotundas, and various other beautiful garden structures since 1988.

Since not all rotundas sport domed roofs, they can be distinguished from other types of gazebos by the fancy detailing on the roofs and pillars. While this design has a European origin, it has also been used as an influence in architectural design, for instance the White House roof was based on the rotunda design. The Australian Summerhouse Company is committed to provide beautiful Rotundas which are crafted using only the best quality materials to ensure that the products will last a lifetime. Our determination to achieve excellence in craftsmanship and detail is renowned, as is our reputation for reliability and friendly service. Rotundas are well known for their beauty and durability. The Australian Summerhouse Company delivers high quality Rotundas which have been designed to be delivered to your site in an easy to assemble kit form for rapid assembly. For more details, kindly contact us