Traditionally, a pergola is an outdoor structure that consists of four vertical poles supporting an open lattice of wooden beams. Before building Pergolas Sydney, you should take into account weather conditions and whether the pergola will be a permanent or temporary structure. Pergolas Sydney will have an open trellis roof but a closed, solid, more permanent structure will provide shelter on rainy days as well as shade in the summer months.

At The Australian Summerhouse Company, we guarantee that all of our patios, pergolas, custom awnings, insulated roofing, open roofing, timber decking and carports are designed and manufactured to the highest standards; ensuring your home is fitted with the best products available. We recommend the following beautiful ideas for your Pergola Roof, which will enhance the aesthetics of your yard.

  •  Sails and Deck Covers: Sails and deck covers will provide a colourful back drop to the pergola. Moreover the sail will also preserve the life of the wooden structure, and enhance the longevity of Pergolas Sydney.
  •  Fibreglass and Plastic Roof: Both are light-weighted, portable and durable, which eases construction. Fibreglass will be harder to find but is made from recycled materials and a greener alternative than plastic. Both materials protect you from UV rays without restricting natural light.
  • Retractable Canopy: This type of Pergola roof, will be more useful when the pergola is alongside a wall or structure if climbing plants are not used.
  •  Metal: Metal roofs are the best material to use for a permanent structure. They are durable and can be cut to any size. Although, steel is expensive, there are other alternatives available like aluminium and copper which are used for building Pergolas Sydney.
  •  Wood and Leaves: Wood is the most common material used for the construction of Pergolas Sydney because it provides a natural frame for climbers and wide leafed plants such as actinidia or banana plants.

In short, there is dearth of ideas when it comes to Pergolas Sydney. The pergola roof can be easily customized and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the customer.