There are several advantages to living in Australia but the most important of these has to be the wonderful weather we experience. Yes, the temperatures can climb quite high at times but who can complain when we have such wonderful sunny, mild weather for most of the year. It’s no surprise than that we love being outdoors so much. Being outdoors is almost the Aussie national sport.

A Cool Way to Entertain

Of course, we also know all about the dangers of prolonged sun exposure, sunburn and skin cancer so we do look for ways to spend time outdoors under shelter. One way that you can do this, and also create an elegant design feature in your garden, is by getting pergolas Brisbane. Pergolas come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and colours and can be used to great effect. Entertaining in one of these makes summer a lot more pleasant and affords your family some protection from the sun’s harsher rays.

What Types are There?

Well, basically, a pergola can pretty much come in whatever shape you want it to. There is the traditional round or square pergola or a more contemporary rectangular one. It all depends on the size that you want and the look that you are going for. When it comes to the various types and styles available, you can pretty much get pergolas made to fit any size and shape you are looking for.

What Materials are Used?

Pergolas are traditionally made from wood and may have cast iron railings. The roofs were originally made from tin sheets or wood shingles but now come in a variety of different materials. You can choose a roof made from colour board if that suits you or you can even have a thatched roof. There really are no longer many hard and fast rules when it comes to roofing for pergolas. Ceramic tiles are also a possibility – you just need to ensure that the structure can support the overall weight of the wood.

What Else can the Pergola be Used for?

The possibilities are endless – use it for entertaining, for romantic picnics, for simply lazing about in the garden. Kids will find endless possibilities when it comes to exercising their imaginations – just don’t be upset when you are denied entry to your pergolas Melbourne because they have become Superman’s Fortress of Solitude or a fairy princess’s castle.

To top of all the benefits you get out of using a pergola, they also add value to your house and interest to your garden. At the end of the day, a well-appointed and built pergola will last a long time and will make potential home owners more likely to fall in love with your home.