Since ages, Pergolas have always been aesthetically pleasing and a great addition to one’s landscape because of the open roof structure and latticed supports. The ability of pergolas to beautify your home is perfectly ideal since it can give your home a distinctive and fresh appeal. If you want to buy one, you can just settle with pergola kits, which will be easier to install and build. The kits are ready to be made and you just have to follow the instructions included in the manuals.

Choosing between pergola kits depends on how the pergola will function in the landscape. The main types of pergola kits include freestanding pergolas, attached pergolas, and variations on both. There are various different types of Pergola Kits available in the market. Let us discuss some of the choices :

  •  Standard Pergolas: This type of Pergolas help you provide a sitting area and shady walkways. Available in various sizes and style, this type of Pergola Kits can be modern, rustic or oriental as per your preferences.
  • Garden Arches: This type of Pergola Kits provides you a fabulous entrance for your garden. This type of Pergola kits are also called as a gateway pergola which can be placed at the entrance of a garden area and planted with climbing vines like grapes or flowers for aesthetic appeal.
  •  Garden Arbours: These are a perfect addition if you want a garden seat, rather than a typical pergola.
  •  Pergola with Roof: This type of Pergola Kits offers an attractive addition to your garden, where you can set a dining table or seats where you can eat and enjoy a luxurious stay with your family.
  • Corner Pergolas: Commonly found in patio areas, this type of kits can be used to provide a shady corner in your garden.

The Australian Summerhouse Company offers immaculate Pergola Kits which consists of materials like wood, vinyl, wrought iron, and aluminium. They can be adjusted based on the size and height of the area to be covered, both of which should be taken into consideration when choosing a pergola kit.