An Outdoor Gazebo is an isolated outdoor timber structure intended to offer panoramic views of the surrounding garden landscape. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your garden, but also provides a quiet place where one can just relax and spend some quality time with friends and family. The Australian Summerhouse Company specializes in supply and installation of outdoor gazebos of various quality and finishes.

The best thing about an Outdoor Gazebo is that it allows experimenting with the design, size and style of the Gazebo which ultimately results in something unique, exciting, beautiful and simply breathtaking. There are various different types of Outdoor Gazebos:

Different types – What are the various designs?

  1. Rotundas: These are large Gazebos which are circular and usually have a domed roof.
  2. Follies: The Follies are gazebos which are strictly meant for decoration. Mostly used for functions, parties, the folly Gazebo can be either large or small and strictly meant to enhance aesthetics.
  3.  Pavilion: A Pavilion is another gazebo, typically simple and relatively small in size, situated very close to a main structure. This type of Gazebo can be easily spotted in all types of terrain and climate.
  4.  Pergola: Pergolas are long gazebos that consist of an overhead archway supported by pillars.
  5.  Pagoda: This type of Gazebo is based upon Japanese architecture and usually made of wood, steel or any sturdy material.

The Australian Summerhouse Company provides a wide range of contemporary styled permanent Gazebos which are outstanding in design, quality and fits naturally into any space. So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your home or garden with an Outdoor Gazebo which is of proven quality, luxury and excellence, don’t hesitate to contact us.