Gazebos are an increasingly popular way to enjoy an outside atmosphere while staying protected from sun and rain. Gazebos can be built from a variety of construction materials. These include various woods, metals like aluminium and steel, and less common materials like bamboo. Outdoor Gazebo Sydney can be classified based on the designs, types and materials used.

Different Designs for Outdoor Gazebo Sydney

  • The Folly Gazebo
  • Rotundas
  • Pagoda
  • Pavilion
  •  Pergola

Different Types of Outdoor Gazebo Sydney based on their use:

  •  Spa Gazebo
  •  Patio Gazebo
  •  Pool Gazebo
  •  Jacuzzi Gazebo
  •  Backyard Gazebo
  •  BBQ Gazebo
  •  Wedding Gazebo
  • Cedar Gazebo
  • Amish Gazebo etc.

Different Types of Gazebos Based on Materials:

  •  Wood Gazebos: Cedar and redwood are two types of wood used very often in the manufacture of gazebos, because of their natural moisture resistance and strength. Wooden Gazebos can be very decorative and can assure a long life.
  •  Metal Gazebos: Metal is one of the most durable gazebo construction materials. The two types of metals, commonly used are Aluminium and Steel.
  • Aluminium Gazebos: It is light weighted, easy to install, and also affordable, making it an obvious choice for the construction of Outdoor Gazebo Sydney.
  • Steel Gazebos: Because steel is extremely heavy, it is well suited to a public area like a park or the land on a larger property.
  • Other Materials: Fabric is commonly used as a gazebo component, making up a large proportion of the roof in some structures. The most commonly used materials are canvas and polyester which offer added durability to the Outdoor Gazebo Sydney.

The Australian Summerhouse Company can also custom-build Outdoor Gazebos that are designed just for your needs.