An Outdoor Gazebo is a free standing pavilion structure often made of wood. If you have a large garden with beautiful views, then an outdoor Gazebo is the most appropriate structure to compliment the style and beauty of your garden. When it comes to selecting a type of Outdoor gazebo for your home, there is truly a range of styles from which to choose.

The Australian Summerhouse company offers myriad beautiful ideas for your Outdoor Gazebo. With more than 25 years of experience, we guarantee beautiful designs and high quality products which last a lifetime. Let us discuss some of the beautiful ideas which can make an Outdoor Gazebo, the centre of attraction.

  •  Tiered Roof Gazebo: A Tiered Roof Gazebo adds an extra dimension and height to the Outdoor Gazebo. The tiered roof gives you an opportunity to install vents in between the tiers, allowing for greater air circulation. Moreover, you can give a more dynamic look to the Outdoor Gazebo by painting the tiered roof with different colours.
  •  Enclosed Gazebo: An enclosed Outdoor Gazebo gives you the best of both the worlds i.e. it allows you to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air, yet provides protection from elements.
  • Alfresco Roof: The open air roof concept in an outdoor gazebo creates enough shade , increases ventilation and creates dramatic patterns of light and shadow. Further, you can also grow plants like ivy or morning glories that climb and wind around structures.

Your outdoor gazebo is the perfect setting for a lifetime of wonderful memories. The Australian Summerhouse Company provides structures which are crafted using high quality materials. To know more about Outdoor Gazebo ideas, feel free to get in touch with us.