Gazebos, decks & pergolas used to be structures built in the garden or backyard for rest and recreation. These structures were referred to by a host of names including follies, summerhouses, belvederes and teahouses. While their prime utility was to be attractive and provide shelter from the heat – especially during outdoor activities held during the day, today they provide a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • ¬†An enhanced and beautiful garden: Since decks & pergolas have supporting columns at the side and beams and lattices at the top, they are perfect for hanging plants. Besides, creepers and other climbing plants like ivy can wind themselves around the column, thereby enhancing the beauty of the pergola.
  • Enhance the real estate value of your house: While many houses would have gardens of different kinds in them, having a pergola can enhance the beauty of your house, thereby improving its real estate value.
  • Weather Protection: Since the summers can be harsh, the primary purpose of constructing a pergola is to provide shade. A pergola can have a closed roof that keeps out the rain and also be left open, to keep it bright enough. The plants around can provide a natural shade rather than cutting it out completely.

Additionally, decks & pergolas can be used to block out unbecoming views that can detract from the appearance of your garden. A dilapidated shed or a rotting tree could ruin your view; a strategically placed pergola could turn this drawback into an advantage by enhancing the aesthetic value of your house.

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