What are you and your family planning for Australia Day? I’d be willing to bet that you are going to be enjoying the day around the pool and having a great BBQ. Nationally, most Australians find that Australia Day is a great day to get some serious relaxation time. Whether you are lounging around the pool or snoozing on a hammock, serious relaxation is one of the most important traditions when it comes to Australia Day. Here are a few ideas in how to enjoy the day in style.

Relax at home.

One of the best ways to relax is to kick back in your own back garden. Visiting the beach and parks are great ways to spend the day and, unfortunately, a lot of other Aussies would agree. It is far quieter and more relaxing to stay at home. This is where pergolas Melbourne come into their own. Imagine beating the heat in your own stylish pergolas on your back lawn. Catch the breeze and get out of the heat for a change.

Have a family fun day.

If you are looking for something a little more active, why not organise a family fun day? You can hold this in your own garden and have fun events for kids of all ages. Why not have egg and spoon races and treasure hunts? It is time for old-fashioned family fun, after all. Hold an official prize giving ceremony in your gazebo and be sure to hand out lots of fun awards.

Have a dinner party.

Why not invite some mates around for some supper and drinks? You can create a great alfresco dining experience outside in your gazebo. Light the way for your guests with candles or fairy lamps and make your gazebo a wonderland of light in the back yard. Use proper cutlery and crystal to enhance the effect.

Re-enact the founding of Sydney Cove.

Have you ever noticed how easily a gazebo can be made to look like a ship for the kiddies? What better way to celebrate Australia Day than to sail into “Sydney Cove” on your gazebo, er, ship? Younger kiddies will really love this idea and you will all have loads of fun. Make it a fun learning experience for the kids and turn your gazebos Melbourne into a classroom for the day.

Of course, how you spend Australia Day is really up to you. Here’s hoping you have a great one and celebrate the only way an Australian could.