Gazebos Sydney are amazing summer houses which offers excellent getaways for families to spend time together. Whether you are looking to enjoy a sunny day or just want to relax and take in a beautiful day, Gazebos Sydney is all about creating a comfortable place where you can sit back and relax. Hanging baskets and wind chimes add a peaceful touch to any wooden gazebo. When you are planning to construct Gazebos Sydney in your backyard, you have an option between a wooden or metal gazebo.

Wooden Gazebos are generally made using hardwood or treated pine which are suitable for outdoors. The gazebo structure is generally made from wood, while the roof is made from other materials such as tiles, polycarbonate or thatch. The entire look of your Gazebos Sydney depends on how you want to design your roof. One thing for sure, wooden gazebos are incredibly durable and with proper care and maintenance generally guarantee a long life.

The beauty and natural feel of timber is exceedingly pleasing and offers a rustic yet stylish look with elaborately carved designs. Although wooden gazebos look gorgeous and provide a warm feeling, they can be expensive depending on the type of timber used.On the other hand metal gazebos are primarily constructed using one of the three basic types of metal i.e. aluminium, steel or wrought iron. Aluminium is favoured because it offers strength yet lightweight, steel gazebos are reliable and durable whereas wrought iron gazebos are strong and beautiful. Depending on your budget and choice of design, you can decide on the type of metal used for gazebos Sydney. The Metal Gazebos can be quite simple in construction with the use of supporting pillars and roofs and also incorporate decorative inclusions like finials, balustrades, fretwork etc. The best part about metal gazebos is that you don’t need to worry about warping, rotting or termite attacks. Also, metal gazebos Sydney demands low maintenance when compared with their wooden counterparts.