Just as there are many different personality types, there are many different gazebos available on the market. Whether your tastes run to more traditional structures or more contemporary ones, you will be able to find a gazebo that will suit you. You also do not have to settle for just any old gazebo either, customising your gazebo is half the fun. Gazebos come in a range of styles, shapes and materials. Read on to get some ideas on how you can customise your

The Basic Shape and Style

Gazebos do not only have to be round, they can be octagonal, square or even rectangular. The first thing to consider before committing to any particular pergolas Sydney is the shape that would suit your garden the best. Each different shape will have its own pros and cons but you need to make sure that the shape chosen fits in with both the final design and your personal style. The style of the gazebo can be very traditional and romantic or modern and contemporary; it all depends on what you want.

The Roofing

The roofing that you choose is probably going to make the most impact of all so make sure that you choose carefully. You do not want to mix traditional cast iron railings and bodywork with a grass roof – it just will not look good. The roof that you choose can be as individual as you are – there are a number of different roofing materials to choose from. Wood, grass and colourbond are just some of these. You will also need to decide on the style of the roof – will it be sheeting or tiles?

The Colour of the Gazebo

Your gazebo, no matter which wood you have it made out of, is going to need to be treated in order to protect it from the harsh elements of nature. You can choose to simply varnish or stain the wood in order to keep that natural wood-grain finish or you can paint it. The final finishes on the gazebo are really what distinguishes it from the other gazebos Melbourne. You can choose a solid colour or elect to use accent colours to pick up features. You could even elect to simply varnish some sections and paint others. At the end of the day, the choices when it comes to painting your gazebo are endless.

The one caveat when it comes to custom gazeboes though is to deal only with a reputable dealer. Dealing with an amateur in this respect can end up being quite expensive. It takes a professional company with a good deal of experience in the making of gazeboes to properly understand how each customisation will affect the end result.