Being an Aussie pretty much means that you are going to love the outdoors. We have such gorgeous weather that it would really be a shame to waste it. Of course, the summer sun does seem to be a little harsher here and you do need to protect yourself from it. This does not mean that you have to stay indoors, but you do need to watch how much sun you expose yourself to.

This is where pergolas Melbourne come in to the equation. When we go to the beach, it seems quite normal to schlep our beach bags and beach umbrellas to the beach but generally at home, you are unlikely to be bothered to go to the same lengths. Pergolas can help you to circumvent this problem – simply erect one in the back garden and you have a permanent shady location that allows you to bring the outdoors inside.

Use your gazebo to entertain in style and eat alfresco lunches or use it when you have a relaxed barbeque. The style of the gazebo will depend on what style suits you as a person. You can find pergolas that are very basic and rustic and pergolas that are very intricate and detailed. There is also no talk of putting a square peg in a round hole – pergolas can be round, rectangular, square or octagonal. Basically, if you can envisage a pergola, you can find one to match that vision.

Colours and materials can be chopped and changed at will and so you can have a pretty customised gazebo that fits in with your house’s style perfectly. You do need to consider the style of your garden to make sure that the style of the gazebo does not jar with it. A beautiful, formal garden does require a more formal style of gazebo whereas a more tropical feeling garden may require a more
rustic style of pergolas Sydney.

Overall, if you truly want to make the most of living in Australia, you need to take every opportunity to spend time outdoors that you can. Aussies work hard and so need a haven to spend some time outside in comfort while they are not at work. Your garden is one of the best places to set up a haven – you can really get back to nature and away from all that annoying technology. No TV’s, mobile phones or internet to distract you. You can easily find a way to cut yourself off from modern living in your own back yard.