When is Building Permission Required?

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When erecting a gazebo, it should be kept in mind that, although not large, it is a structure, and, because of this, you may need approval from the council in order to build it. It is important to check exactly where you stand or you may find that you will be required to pull the [...]

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Base Requirements for Gazebos and Pergolas

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Gazebos are known to have existed as far back as 5,000 years ago. Rich Egyptians built their gazebos to provide a decorative addition to their gardens. Chinese and Roman architecture also included gazebo designs. Nowadays, romantic movies often depict outdoor weddings in gazebos. If you are thinking of building a gazebo in your garden, there are [...]

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Gazebos Making Your Backyard Better

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If you have a backyard chances are you are planning to create or already have a beautiful garden. Adding a gazebo to your backyard can bring many benefits and enjoyment to your lifestyle. The bonuses to be gained are both aesthetic and practical. A gazebo is a wonderful functional area in your yard that will [...]

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Where is this gazebos?

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Can anyone identify where this gazebo is located? To give you a hint, the gazebo is on an island in Sydney Harbour. There are seven islands in Sydney Harbour - Shark, Clark, Fort Denison, Cockatoo, Goat, Rodd, Spectacle and Snapper. The gazebo is on Rodd Island, near Drummoyne. It can be seen from the Iron [...]

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Outdoor Entertaining Area

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We recently completed an outdoor entertaining area in Eastwood. The outdoor entertaining area had a tiled roof with cupola.  The underside of the roof is lined with tongue and groove timber boards.  There is a fireplace large enough to roast a lamb. The outdoore entertainment area is right next to the pool. Here are some [...]

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The Gazebo Movie

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The Gazebo as a place to hide the departed.

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Olympic Equestrian Gazebo

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Example of an equestrian gazebo used at the Sydney Olympic games

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Gazebos for Horses

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A shelter for horses to stay out of the weather

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