Modern Marvels in Your Backyard

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Gazebos, decks & pergolas used to be structures built in the garden or backyard for rest and recreation. These structures were referred to by a host of names including follies, summerhouses, belvederes and teahouses. While their prime utility was to be attractive and provide shelter from the heat - especially during outdoor activities held during [...]

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Protect Yourself From the Sun

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Australians know a lot about skin cancer and tend to be a very sun smart lot. We apply our sunscreen, wear the right clothes, and generally try to protect ourselves as much as possible from the dangerous UV radiation. General studies and surveys have found, however, that we are not quite as sun smart in [...]

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Have a Fun Australia Day

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What are you and your family planning for Australia Day? I’d be willing to bet that you are going to be enjoying the day around the pool and having a great BBQ. Nationally, most Australians find that Australia Day is a great day to get some serious relaxation time. Whether you are lounging around the [...]

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Create your Dream Gazebo

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Just as there are many different personality types, there are many different gazebos available on the market. Whether your tastes run to more traditional structures or more contemporary ones, you will be able to find a gazebo that will suit you. You also do not have to settle for just any old gazebo either, customising [...]

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Bring the Outdoors Inside

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A gazebo is an ideal haven from the Australian sun that still allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Gazebos come in various different shapes, sizes and colours and can be elegantly simple or feature intricate details more reminiscent of a bygone era. When considering the ideal gazebo for your garden, you need to consider what [...]

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Twenty Years Old!!

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As a representation for why we are Australia's leading manufactuer of gazebos, summerhouses and the like, here is a perfect example. Constructed in 1991 by The Australian Summerhouse Company, the 'Raffles' continues to stand strong. Just another sample as to why we are proud of our work. Photo taken 2011. Twenty Years Young!  

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Where is this gazebos?

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Can anyone identify where this gazebo is located? To give you a hint, the gazebo is on an island in Sydney Harbour. There are seven islands in Sydney Harbour - Shark, Clark, Fort Denison, Cockatoo, Goat, Rodd, Spectacle and Snapper. The gazebo is on Rodd Island, near Drummoyne. It can be seen from the Iron [...]

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Pool Gazebo in Galston

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Here is a Bali style hut by a pool that we recently completed in Galston NSW.  Galston is about 45 minutes from Sydney.  The client wanted to renovate their garden so they built a beautiful pool and has us build a Bali style hut to suit the tropical surroundings. The finished product look like a [...]

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