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Have a Fun Australia Day

By | December 21st, 2011|Categories: Gazebos|Tags: , |

What are you and your family planning for Australia Day? I’d be willing to bet that you are going to be enjoying the day around the pool and having a great BBQ. Nationally, most Australians find that Australia Day is a great day to get some serious relaxation time. Whether you are lounging around the [...]

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Create your Dream Gazebo

By | December 6th, 2011|Categories: Gazebos|Tags: , , |

Just as there are many different personality types, there are many different gazebos available on the market. Whether your tastes run to more traditional structures or more contemporary ones, you will be able to find a gazebo that will suit you. You also do not have to settle for just any old gazebo either, customising [...]

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When is Building Permission Required?

By | November 13th, 2011|Categories: Sydney Gazebos|Tags: , , |

When erecting a gazebo, it should be kept in mind that, although not large, it is a structure, and, because of this, you may need approval from the council in order to build it. It is important to check exactly where you stand or you may find that you will be required to pull the [...]

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Bring the Outdoors Inside

By | October 31st, 2011|Categories: Gazebos|Tags: , , , |

A gazebo is an ideal haven from the Australian sun that still allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Gazebos come in various different shapes, sizes and colours and can be elegantly simple or feature intricate details more reminiscent of a bygone era. When considering the ideal gazebo for your garden, you need to consider what [...]

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Base Requirements for Gazebos and Pergolas

By | October 17th, 2011|Categories: Melbourne Gazebos|Tags: , , |

Gazebos are known to have existed as far back as 5,000 years ago. Rich Egyptians built their gazebos to provide a decorative addition to their gardens. Chinese and Roman architecture also included gazebo designs. Nowadays, romantic movies often depict outdoor weddings in gazebos. If you are thinking of building a gazebo in your garden, there are [...]

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What Roof over my Head?

By | October 3rd, 2011|Categories: Sydney Gazebos|Tags: , , , |

Gazebos can be both practical and very beautiful because of the wide variety of materials available to build with. Because of the basic design of a gazebo, you can do a lot more than you would normally be able to get away with in a bigger structure. What Materials do you use for the Walls? [...]

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A summerhouse by any other name …

By | September 19th, 2011|Categories: Sydney Gazebos|Tags: , |

Many people might not be familiar with the term ‘gazebo’. However, throughout the ages it has been, and still is, known under several guises—summerhouse, pavilion, belvedere, folly, pergola and garden house, to name a few. This structure, which is usually made of wood, might conjure up visions of Chinese or Persian scenes but gazebos are [...]

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Summer Living

By | September 5th, 2011|Categories: Sydney Gazebos|Tags: , , |

It would seem that gazebos were made with the Australian climate in mind. Low open walls make these little summerhouses the ideal place to enjoy your garden whilst being protected from the glare of the sun. They are a practical way to take full advantage of summer breezes in the garden. Enjoy the sights and [...]

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